I’m sweaty.


Sweaty? First, that’s not a question. Second, either you have hyperhidrosis or this play is making you really nervous … and that’s okay. We acknowledge that this play concerns a touchy topic and we like to think that we’ve treated it fairly and in good faith. And if you book the play or see a show and you’re still sweating, well … maybe that’s not such a bad thing.



Does the play have an agenda?


You cynic, you.  Ted – the play’s author and actor – has been very intentional about offering as many different perspectives as possible throughout the show. As he began the writing process, Ted spent weeks listening to the stories of countless people who have wrestled with these questions – about themselves and others – in order to offer a story that is as rich and diverse as the stories that inspired it. So with regard to Listening for Grace, we come down on the side of listening to the stories and opinions of those who may have different stories, beliefs and understandings … Because we believe that’s where transformation happens.



Is this based on a true story?


Well … Yes and no. The characters in the play represent a hodgepodge of stories and voices who shared their stories with Ted during the writing process. So while no one person’s single story is represented, the play is filled with real experiences and real emotion.



My church is having conversations about human sexuality and where we stand. Would Listening for Grace offer any clarity? Should we book the show?


You should absolutely book the show. We may be biased, but we think Listening for Grace is perfect for churches and communities of faith who are wrestling with questions concerning human sexuality. And if members of your church or faith community are on the fence and it’s inhibiting you from booking, we’d love to talk with you further. We can’t promise that Listening for Grace will provide clarity, but we hope it teaches the transformative power of listening.



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