This is a play about relationships. And the

transformative power of listening.

Meet Daryl. Daryl is in his fifties. He’s a father. A widower. He’s attended church his whole life.


And Daryl’s son just told him he’s gay.


Same sex relationships are receiving a great deal of attention – in church, on television, in the media. So Ted Swartz’s newest play couldn’t come at a better time.


Listening for Grace is a play about fathers and sons. It’s a play about faith. About the church. About sexuality. And it’s a play about finding commonality and listening to the stories of others.


This play doesn’t claim to offer any answers. That’s not its intent. Instead, it’s a play that gives voice to and embodies a diverse array of stories and takes seriously the idea that the church is a community of people on a journey. This play is about journeying with Daryl as he wrestles with questions of life and faith and, most importantly, we hope this play will encourage audiences to engage in conversation, to tell a great story and to help us think beyond what we first imagined ... as we listen for grace.


Listening for Grace is a production of Ted & Company.


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